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Our expansive songlist spanning 80 years of hits is always growing as we keep adding the latest and greatest chart toppers. Our focus is creating a party that suites all different guests' tastes so that no-one leaves the party disappointed.

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We have a large repertoire with a huge range of different genres on offer. Over a decade of performing all manor of events and shows we have learnt which songs really get the party going and how to arrange our performance to build to a big finish. That said, we know how important certain songs can be for certain occasions and so we do welcome requests.

Typically we perform around 30 songs in a performance either as 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 40 minute sets. We'd normally opt to start with the earlier genres (60s, soul, motown) so that all the family can share a dance together and then move through the genres to build to the end.

If you have a particular preference though for how we structure our performance then just get in touch to discuss with us.

Our unique 'Song Requester' online tool gives you the option to organise our full songlist into 'Yes', 'Veto' and up to 15 'Must Haves'. We'll then use your selections to build the setlists on the night making sure your favourite songs are all there but the ones you can't stand are definitely not!

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